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Prices and costs

What's it going to cost me? That's what you want to know of course. A summary:

Purchase price for the domain: To find the price of a domain offer here, click on the domain name/link. You will be routed either to the domain sales platform (e.g., or – if a website already exists at the domain itself – to the domain. For some domains, a price is stated; for others, you are invited to make an offer.

The domain sales platform provides an escrow service and ensures that the rights to the domain are transferred reliably and securely to the purchaser. This service is at no extra cost to the purchaser.

The prices stated are net prices, i.e. VAT must be added at the relevant rate where applicable.

Some domains are sold as a package. In this case, the website at the domain indicates what is included in the price. This typically concerns:

  • Multiple domains sold together as a package. In such a case, the multiple domains are typically different variants of the same domain, such as variants with or without hyphens.
  • Domains for which a website already exists. Parts of this website (text, images, and/or website code) may then be included in the price.
    These websites are intended as inspiration and it is for the purchaser to decide how much of this content to retain for his or her own project.

Beyond the purchase price (plus VAT where applicable), no further costs are entailed by the purchaser for transfer of the domain.

The registration authority/registrar charges an annual registration fee; this varies according to the domain ending and authority/registrar. Registration fees typically range from around €6 to €20. Some domains ("premium domains") may attract registration fees running into four figures; you are unlikely to find such domains on the Domain Concepts website, however. Compared to the utility value of a domain to you or your business, the annual registration fees for the vast majority of domains are trivial.

You should also check that you are legally entitled to register the domain. To register an .eu domain for example, you must be either resident in the EU or be an EU citizen.

Owning the domain is of course only the beginning. You must also pay for hosting, and an SSL certificate is highly recommended. These costs will generally barely be into two figures (euros, dollars or sterling) for a modest website.

Those are the direct costs of your Internet project. The rest - the design and maintenance of your website - you can do yourself, if you have the technical expertise, which most students and young professionals should be quite capable of acquiring. More demanding projects will require the services of a web designer.